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Quiet Wean



A two-stage, low-stress method for weaning calves. Step 1: Calves wear a lightweight plastic, non-invasive nose-flap, which prevents them from nursing but allows the calves to graze and have full social and physical contact with their mother. This helps prepare both cows and calves for life after weaning by effectively reducing the bond between mother and young! Step 2: After calves have worn the anti-sucking device for a few (4-7) days, remove the nose-flaps and separate cows and calves as you would normally only now, without all the usual uproar! Calves bawl less, spend less time walking in search of mom, and spend more time eating. These quiet, calm cattle are much easier on fences too!

Weight 0.97 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 9.5 × 13 in

Individual, 25 pk


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