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Dual Purpose Handle

Utilizing the successful ‘Ring Top design’, the handle will stay connected to the fence and can be easily retrieved through pasture, overcoming common portable fencing frustrations.

The new Dual Purpose Handle provides the flexibility to liven the fence from either the reel or handle end.


  • Extra secure connection points
  • Secure insulated hook – “Ring Top” design connection hook ensures that the handle will not bounce off the fence wire
  • Streamlined design – Easy retrieval through pasture when winding in
  • Larger moulded hand grip – Hand grips indicate where to place hands to avoid getting a shock
  • Tough insulated plastic – Made with durable UV resistant material
  • Attaches to poly wire/ poly tape/ braid via a simple loop – By tying a loop in the wire, tape or braid it can be attached easily to the eye in the handle

Manufacturer’s Part Number: # G73830

1 Year

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