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Dog Food – Amicus Chicken



Amicus Chicken –  Dog Food

5 kg bag

Main protein: Chicken

Grain free

Product of Horizon Pet Food

This dog food is for small breed dogs and with a softer smaller kibble it makes it more palatable for your pets small teeth! This formula is grain free as well as GMO free while containing natural preservatives, antioxidant boosts, chicken, probiotics and added taurine.

The food transition plan will take about 6 days if done correctly. You will need to complete the following steps. One quarter cup of the new food for two full days, half a cup of the new food for day three and four, following with three quarters of a cup for day five and six. By the time you reach day 7 you have fully transitioned your pup to their new food! Click the link in the brackets to see a full review/description  (  Amicus Chicken – Horizon Pet Food )

While being Canadian made they have lots of different dog food lines to offer. You are able to choose from five different lines of dog food based on your animals needs. Other than the Amicus formula you are able to choose Taiga, Pulsar, Complete and Legacy.

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